Devantech SRF01 Ultrasonic Sonar Range Finder

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The SRF01 is a tiny single transducer ultrasonic rangefinder in a very small footprint PCB with a range of 0-600cm. Connection is to a single pin TTL serial interface and up to 16 SRF01's may be connected together on a single bus.


The SRF01 is a single transducer ultrasonic rangefinder in a very small footprint PCB. Connection is to a single pin Serial interface. The serial interface is a standard TTL level UART format of 1 start, 1 stop and no parity bits, and may be connected directly to many controllers, such as Ardduino, Basic Stamp or the PICAXE. Baud rate at power-up is always 9600, there is a command to change this to 19200 or 38400 baud if preferred. Up to 16 SRF01's may be connected together on a single bus. The SRF01 can measure in Cm or Inches.

Power Requirements
The SRF01 accepts any voltage between 3.3v and 12v, however the recommended maximum is 5.5v. Internally, it operates at 3.3v and there is a low dropout regulator already on the SRF01 to provide this. The serial I/O pin operates at 3.3v and also 5v tolerant, so you can connect it directly to 3.3v or 5v signals. Operating current during ranging is 25mA, 11mA in standby (waiting for a command) and around 55uA in sleep mode (shutdown).

Single Pin Serial Communication
Serial data is 1 start, 1 stop and no parity bits. Serial data is a TTL level signal - It is NOT RS232. Do not connect the SRF01 to an RS232 port - you will destroy the module! Communication with the SRF01 is with both serial input and serial output on a single pin. The SRF01 will be listening at all times except when it is actually sending data, and will go back to listening as soon as its finished.

The connections to the SRF01 are shown below. If you're using multiple SRF01's, you can connect them all up to the same serial port on your controller. Just make sure all the SRF01's are programmed to different addresses. There is a weak pull-up resistor (47k) to 3.3v on the module, to pull the Tx line up to a logic high level when none of the SRF01's are transmitting. Our 3-way JST connectors are suitable for connecting the SRF01.

SRF01 connections

Mounting the SRF01
A rubber grommet is supplied to mount the SRF01. To use this make a 20mm cutout in your panel and fit the grommet. The SRF01 will then snuggly push into the hole in the grommet. Maximum panel thickness is 1.7mm.



Voltage - 3.3v to 12v
Current - 25mA Ranging. 11mA Standby. 55uA Sleep.
Frequency - 40KHz
Range - 18cm to 600cm (Industrial spec', no calibration required).
Range - 0cm to 600cm (Hobby spec' after auto-calibration).
Connection - One Pin Serial Bus @ 9600 baud.
- Up to 16 SRF01's connected to a single pin on your controller.
- Units - Range reported in cm or inches.
- Very light weight, just 2.7gm

Supplied with Mounting Grommet.


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