Devantech SRF02 Ultrasonic Sonar Range Finder

The Devantech SRF02 low cost ultrasonic sensor supports both I2C and serial interfaces. No calibration is required with the new AutoTune algorithms which back the minimum range right up to the transducer ringdown automatically, with a full range of 15cm- 6m. Seperate burst and ranging control is available with new commands.

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A range of 15cm- 6m, small size, low cost, low power consumption combined with Serial and I2C interfaces makes the SRF02 an appealing sensor.

The SRF02 includes both I2C and Serial interfaces enabling up to 16 SRF02 units to be connected together on a single I2C or serial bus. By using a standard TTL level UART format at 9600 for the serial interface the SRF02 can be connected to serial ports on any microcontroller so you can reuse it for many different projects in the future.

With the addition of new commands the SRF02 is able to send an ultrasonic burst without a reception cycle and also receive a signal without a burst.

Here's the beam pattern...

Sensitivity of the ultrasonic transducer as defined by the manufacturer.Measured beam pattern showing the maximum detection range to a 55cm diameter plastic pipe.




Range16cm - 6m
 Measured in uS, mm or inches
 Voltage 5v
 Current 4mA Typ.
 Size 24mm x 20mm x 17mm height
 ConnectionStandard I2C bus, UART serial.
 TuningFully automatic, no calibration 
 TimingFully timed echo. No need for microcontroller cpu cycles. 



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