Devantech SRF05 Ultrasonic Sonar Range Finder

The SRF05 is realises big advances in design over the previously successful SRF04 with increased flexibility, greater range ( 3cm-4m) and lower cost. It can use a single pin for trigger and echo and includes an echo pulse delay to accommodate slower controllers such as Basic Stamp and Picaxe.

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 The SRF05 is fully compatible with the SRF04 and has a increased range of 3cm-4m. The sensor can operate using a single pin for trigger and echo freeing up valuable pins on your microcontroller. Alternatively it can use seperate trigger and echo pins like the SRF04.

A small delay is included prior to the echo pulse to allow slower controllers like the Basic Stamp and Picaxe to execute their pulse in commands.

There's even a little LED on the back that blinks when the sensor is triggered so you know it's doing something if you don't have super canine hearing.

Be sure to check out the full technical specs on the manufacturers page.

Here's the beam pattern...




Range1cm - 4m
Current4mA typ.
Dimensions43mm x 20mm x 17mm (H)
Connection2 Modes, Single trigger/echo pin or SRF compatible two pins.
Echo PulsePositive TTL level signal with width proportional to object range
LEDBlinky light!



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