3 Pin JST PH connector and cable for Sharp sensors

The 3 pin JST connector is a perfect match for our Sharp IR sensors with its 30cm (12") colour coded wires.

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The 3 pin connector of the Sharp IR sensors ( GP2Y0A02YK0FGP2Y0A21YK0FGP2D120XJ00F) is this JST connector, not the expected 0.1" / 2.54mm IDC type.

Note: this cable does not fit the GP2Y0D805Z0F (5cm) or GP2Y0D810Z0F (10cm)  Sharp sensors which do have standard 0.1" pin spacing.

A generous 30cm cable is provided to hook up a Sharp sensor to your project. Each 26-awg wire is colour coded to match the pins of the Sharp sensor with red for power, black for ground and white for output / signal. The JST connector itself clips securely into the base of the sensor.

We highly recommend getting this cable to save time hooking up the Sharp sensor into your project.


Datasheet for JST PH style connectors

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