73:1 Metal Gearmotor 20Dx42L mm

This 1.67" x 0.79" x 0.79" gearmotor is a high-quality motor with 73:1 metal gearbox that has the power to deliver both speed and torque. These units have a 0.276"-long, 4 mm-diameter D-shaped output shaft. Key specs at 6 V: 180 RPM and 250 mA free-run, 60 oz-in (4.3 kg-cm) and 3.3 A stall.

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The face plate has two mounting holes threaded for M2.5 screws. You can use the custom-designed 20D metal gearmotor bracket (pictured to the right) to mount the gearmotor to your project via these mounting holes and the screws that come with the bracket.

Please note that the 20Dx44L mm line of gearmotors have output shafts with a diameter of 4 mm. The Pololu universal aluminum mounting hub for 4mm shafts can be used to mount custom wheels and mechanisms to the gearmotor’s output shaft.

The picture below shows the dimensions (in mm) of the 20D mm line of gearmotors. The value of X is 17.2 mm for this motor.

20D mm metal gearmotor dimensions in mm

These motors are intended for use at 6 V. In general, these kinds of motors can run at voltages above and below this nominal voltage, so they should comfortably operate in the 3 – 9 V range. Lower voltages might not be practical, and higher voltages could start negatively affecting the life of the motor.



Size: 20D x 44L mm
Weight: 1.52 oz
Shaft diameter: 4 mm

General specifications

Gear ratio: 73:1
Free-run speed @ 6V: 180 rpm
Free-run current @ 6V: 250 mA
Stall current @ 6V: 3300 mA
Stall torque @ 6V: 60 oz·in

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