Pololu Rover 5 Expansion Plate RRC07B (Wide) Transparent Gray

This wide transparent gray expansion plate for the Rover 5 tracked chassis is made of 1/8" (3mm) acrylic. The numerous 3 mm wide slots give you the flexibility to mount components in a variety of orientations almost anywhere on the plate. The plate is also easily glued and drilled.

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This 1/8" (3mm) wide transparent gray acrylic expansion plate lets you mount a variety of components to your Rover 5 tracked chassis. The 3 mm wide slots covering the plate support many configurations of sensors and other robot components. Included with the plate are four tapping screws for mounting the plate to the Rover 5 tracked chassis.

The Pololu RP5 expansion plate comes in both narrow and wide versions. The narrow plate (RRC07A) is 6.8" x 3.1" (17.2 x 8.0 cm) and covers the main plastic housing of the RP5 chassis. The wide plate (RRC07B) is 6.8" x 5.0" (17.2 x 12.7 cm) and covers both the main plastic housing and the tracks.


Rover 5 with Pololu expansion plate and Orangutan Controller


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