Motors & Gearboxes

DC Gear Motors for Robotics and Hobby applications

Brushed DC motors are ideally suited to robotics projects because they are small, powerful and easy to control at low voltages commonly provided by battery packs while still being highly efficient and reliable.

A gearmotor is just a electric motor with a gearbox attached. The torque and speed specifications quoted are for the output shaft. Often the same DC motor is used with different gearboxes to provide a range of available characteristics.

Our motors work at voltages suitable for powering from battery packs and low voltage AC-DC switch mode power supplies.

Stepper motors are a unique kind of motion device that moves in little steps in either direction. They provide for precise positioning in little increments. They can be heard whirring away inside ink jet printers, scanners or seen controlling print heads movement along 3-axis in 3D printers.