DC Motors

DC Motors

DC motors without a gearbox. These motors typically spin at 10,000 RPM or more. They are suitable for fans or small propellers or as a replacement for toy motors.

DC Motor: 130-Size, 6V, 11.5kRPM, 800mA Stall

Code: MEC-30066

This 130-size DC motor has a recommended operation voltage of 3 – 12 V. Approximate specifications at 6 V: free-run speed of 11,500 RPM, free-run current of 70 mA, and stall current of 800 mA.


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Hobby Motor - Gear

Code: SKU-001093

This brushed DC Hobby motor includes a 6mm, 10 tooth gear and operates at 1-3V but can work to 12VDC. Free run speed of 6600 RPM @ 1V , 110mA.


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Solarbotics RM2 (high-power motor for GM2/3/8/9)

Code: SKU-002381

Need more power out of your gear motor? This is a high-power brushed DC motor that fits in the same form factor as used by the GM2/3/8/9 style gear motors.


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Brushed DC Motor: 130-Size, 3V, 17kRPM, 3.6A Stall

Code: SKU-002685

This high-power, 130-size brushed DC motor can be used as a direct replacement for lower-power 130-size motors to get more torque and speed out of your gearmotor, but it will also draw more current and typically wear out faster.


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Tamiya 75026 Mini Motor Set

Code: SKU-002737

The Tamiya 75026 Mini Motor Set is a more powerful brushed DC motor for the Tamiya Mini Motor Gearboxes.


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