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Solenoid - 12V (Latch / Lock)

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Does controlling door and cabinet access with the power of Electromagnetism interest you? Excellent! In effect, this latch / lock solenoid is an electronic lock. When powered with 12VDC source, the latch is pulled in, allowing movement.

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Solenoid - 36v

Code: SKU-000673

Solenoids are a great way to induce linear motion for pushing, pulling or controlling switches and levers. According to the datasheet this solenoid is rated for 36V but they work like a charm at 12V.

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Solenoid - 5v (small)

Code: SKU-000865

This 5V solenoid has a 4.5mm throw and a 50mm long lead with a JST PH connector. The solenoid make a nice little actuator for a small project.

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Planetary Gearmotor - 140RPM

Code: SKU-005372

This is a simple ~140RPM (no load), DC planetary gearmotor. This motor is great for various applications such as robotics, electric locks, household automation, and small actuators. The supply voltage range is 6VDC - 24VDC with the polarity marker at the base of the motor.

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