100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor (Low Current)

This high quality, low current miniature 6V gear motor has a 100:1 gear ratio and is similar to Sanyo's popular 12mm gearmotors. The 3mm D-shaped output shaft is 9.3mm long to enable press fitting to many different wheels. At 6V the motor operates at 120RPM, 40mA free-run, 10 oz-in (0.7kg-cm) torque and 0.36A stall.

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Designed for operation at 6V the motor is suitable over a range of about 3-9V beyond which the performance or motor life may degrade.

The low current motor produces a shaft speed of 120RPM and draws 40mA at free-run and 0.36A at stall at 6V. The maximum torque is 10oz-in (0.7kg-cm).

Mounting Wheels & Encoders

The 3mm diameter output shaft is longer than many other similar motors at 9.3mm and is D shaped to fit many wheels including our 32x7mm and 42x19mm wheels.

The motor is suitable for use with the Pololu quadrature encoder when teamed with the 42x19mm wheel and extended mounting brackets.

Mounting the Motor

Two M1.6 screw holes are available on the face plate of the motor to mount the motor on the inside of a chassis or alternatively the micro metal gearmotor mounting bracket or extended micro metal gearmotor mounting bracket can be used.


Size 24 x 10 x 12 mm
Weight 0.34oz / 9.6g
Gear Ratio 100:1
Shaft 3mm Ø, 9.6mm length, D shaft
Free-run speed @ 6V 120RPM
Free-run current @6V 40mA
Stall current @6V 360mA
Stall torque @6V 10oz-in / 0.7kg-cm


All the micro metal gear motors have the same dimensions but vary in gear ratios and motor power.

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