Pololu Extended Micro Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair

These "White" extended sized brackets are ideal for mounting our micro metal gear motors to the 42 x 19mm wheels and with encoders. The white plastic encloses the gears in the micro metal gear motors and feature mounting tabs to easily secure the motor to a chassis. These brackets are sold as a pair.

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The design of the extended brackets differs from the normal brackets in that the mounting holes are located further away from the motor shaft. This makes them suitable for use with the 42 x 19mm wheels and quadrature encoders.

The brackets are designed to fit the common 10 x 12 x 26 mm Sanyo style gear motors (12GN series / NA1s, NA2S etc) including our own micro metal gear motors and others such as Solarbotics GM12a, GM13a etc.

The kit includes:

  • 2 x White plastic extended brackets
  • 4 x Mounting nuts & bolts

A standard version of the brackets is also available that is suitable for narrower wheels.


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