Pololu Wheel 42 x 19 mm pair with rubber tread tire

This pair of white plastic wheels from Pololu with 42mm diameter rubber tires have been custom designed to fit our micro metal gearmotors. The treaded tire gives more grip for adventurous robots and the built in teeth on the inner hub allow an optional wheel encoder to provide feedback to a microcontroller.

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These sturdy plastic wheels are sold in pairs and have rubber tires with grip. They have been designed to fit the output shafts of our micro metal gear motors and should be attached by pressing the shaft into the side with the protruding teeth.

To mount the wheel we recommend the use of the extended micro metal gear motor bracket as the wide rubber tire means the normal brackets will not fit.

A quadrature encoder can be added to the wheel and attached with the same extended gear motor bracket.

Encoder Feedback

The hub has twelve teeth, each 3 mm wide and separated from its neighbors by 3 mm gaps. We offer a quadrature encoder that uses these teeth to provide up to 48 counts per revolution (a linear resolution of just under 3 mm or 1/8"). The encoder is designed to work with our extended micro metal gearmotor bracket and our micro metal gearmotors as shown in the pictures below.

The compact layout of the board fits all of the components within the envelope of the hub and tire, allowing the board to be mounted between the motor and a chassis. The encoder can be purchased as an individual unit or as a part of an encoder set that includes two encoders, a pair of extended brackets, and a pair of 42×19mm wheels.


Diameter 42mm
Width 19mm
Shaft 3mm
Weight 16g (each)
Tire Rubber


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