Pololu Wheel 32 x 7 mm with silicone tyre pair black

Made of black plastic this pair of 32mm diameter wheels comes with silicone rubber tyres providing good grip with low rolling resistance. The wheels are designed to fit our micro metal gear motors and brackets to make a cheap, quick and easy drive system for your next robot.

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These wheels are sold in pairs and are designed to fit our micro metal gear motors. They are also the same wheels used on the Pololu 3pi robot.

The tyres are durable silicone rubber that provides good grip. The wheels have a diameter of 32mm and a width of 7mm making them ideal for small robots. Both the micro metal gearmotor brackets and extended micro metal gear motor brackets work with these wheels.


Diameter 32mm
Width of tyre 6.5mm
Weight 3.4g
Tyre Fitted silicone rubber
Colour Black


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