Tamiya 70192 Slick Tire Set (4 tires)

The Tamiya slick tyre set contains four wheels with arched tires, each with a diameter of 31 mm (1.2") and a width of 10 mm (0.4"). These wheels are compatible with Tamiya gearbox kits with 3mm-hex shafts .

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Parts included in the Tamiya 70192 Slick Tire Set

The Tamiya 70192 slick tyre set includes the following:

  • Four arched tires: 31 mm diameter, 10 mm wide
  • Four wheels for use with 3 mm hex shafts
  • One 3 mm hex shaft, 60 mm (2.36") long

These wheels are especially good for use with the Tamiya mini motor 4-speed, 8-speed, and 12-speed gearboxes.



Size: 31 x 10 mm

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