Aluminum Standoff for Raspberry Pi: 18.6mm Length, M2.5 Thread, M-F (4-Pack)

These hexagonal male-female aluminium standoffs are intended specifically for use with the Raspberry Pi .

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Dimensions of M2.5 male-female aluminum standoffs


These aluminium hexagonal standoffs match the height of our extra-tall 2×20 female headers and can be used to mount expansion PCBs and HATs so that they clear all of the components on the Raspberry Pi Model A+ and Model B+ as well as the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. The body of each male-female standoff is 18.6 mm long (dimension L in the mechanical drawing on the right) by 4 mm wide. The male threads extend another 6 mm past the standoff body, and the female threads extend at least 6.35 mm into the body. You can easily screw multiple units together to make longer standoffs. The threads are M2.5 on both ends, since this matches the size of the Raspberry Pi mounting holes. We carry M2.5 nuts and 6 mm M2.5 screws separately.

Using 18.6 mm aluminum standoffs to mount an A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1)

Other sizes

We also carry 11mm-long standoffs that match the height of our standard-size 2×20 female headers and can be used to compactly mount expansion boards to a Raspberry Pi.

Mounting expansion boards to Raspberry Pis with 11 mm aluminum standoffs (left) and 18.6 mm aluminum standoffs (right)

In addition to these specialised standoffs, we carry standoffs in a variety of standard imperial lengths and thread types:

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Length: 18.6 mm

General specifications

Gender: Male-Female
Thread type: M2.5

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