Slip Ring - 3 Wire (10A) Gold fiber brush and rings

This capsule slip ring with 3 wires enables a complex electrical data or power connection to rotate continuously without getting in a bit knot. The internal connections are made with gold alloys to ensure smooth data transfer and power connections. Make your own wind turbine or something a little more low key.

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Internally the slip ring has gold alloy fibers contacting gold alloy rings to ensure that the transfer of power or data is done reliably. The device will allow continual rotation around 360º without tangling your wires. It works up to 250RPM and each 16AWG wire can carry 10A at 210VDC or 240AC. It has a IP51 water protection rating so will be ok outside.

With this you can make your own wind turbine power station.

Dimensions: 22mm Diameter x 33mm Length w/ 44mm Diameter Flange


  • 3 wires, 250mm in length on each side.
  • Voltage: 380VDC/AC
  • Current Rating: 10A
  • Max Current Rating: 25A
  • Operating Speed: 250RPM
  • Compatible with data bus protocols
  • Transfers analogue and digital signals


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