Piezo Vibration Sensor - Large PVDF Piezo Polymer Film

This piezo sensor can be used for measurement of shock, vibration, flex and touch. When bent or moved the piezoelectric material produces a large AC voltage up to +/-90V at low current. Suitable for use with analogue to digital converters on microcontrollers when a resistor is used.

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Impacts, vibrations and bending/flexing can be detected by this sensor. A voltage is created across piezoelectric materials when they are mechanically deformed. This voltage is AC because the deformation can happen in both directions. Although the voltage is a high +/-90V is can be read using an ADC (analogue to digital converter) in a microcontrollers.

The pins on the sensor fit into a standard breadboard for prototyping or can be soldered to.


  • Flexible PVDF Piezo Polymer Film
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Laminated for higher voltage output
  • 0.1" breadboard friendly leads


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