Dagu Micro Magician Robot Controller V2 - Arduino Compatible

The Dagu Micro Magician V2 is the perfect controller for small robots. At just 30mm x 60mm this board tiny but has lots of features like an inbuilt 3 axis accelerometer, dual FET "H" bridge with current limiting, motor stall detection and electronic braking, headers for servo's, IR receiver and still more. Fully compatible with Arduino IDE.

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Version 2 of the micro magician takes the original design to the next level with the inclusion of the Atmega328P processor. This controller is one of the most full featured yet at such a low price and is the easiest ways to get a robot going.

The built in dual FET "H" bridge motor drivers are efficient and so easy to hook up to motors and get running with Dagu's Arduino libraries for the Magician. The 3-axis accelerometer can be used to detect collisions or rollover situations. Headers are provided for easy installation of servos and sensors, it's IR receiver can detect signals from universal remotes and it just plugs in your computer for programming using a USB Mini B cable (sold separately).


  • Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE - board type: Arduino Pro or Arduino Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ ATmega328
  • ATmega328P processor running at 8MHz, 3.3V with 32K FLASH, 1K EEPROM and 2K SRAM
  • Input voltage from 3.6V to 9V
  • Built in LDO +5V, 1A regulator (input voltage must be at least 5.5V) to power external 5V devices
  • Built in LDO +3.3V, 500mA regulator
  • Reverse polarity protection rated at 6A for protecting servos and motor driver IC
  • Reverse polarity protection rated at 3A for logic and other 3.3V devices
  • Built in USB using the CP2102 interface IC
  • Built in dual FET "H" bridge with current limiting, motor stall detection and electronic braking
  • Built in 3-axis accelerometer with 0G detection and selectable ±1.5G and ±6G ranges
  • Built in 38KHz IR receiver providing 128 virtual buttons when using the Sony IR protocol
  • 8x digital I/O pins terminated with 3 pin male header and selectable voltage for driving servos
  • 3 pin male headers on analog inputs to provide 3.3V power for sensors
  • 4 pin female communications header for 3.3V wireless transceivers (Xbee or Bluetooth)
  • ISP socket for bypassing the bootloader and programming the processor directly
  • Power, Rx, Tx, D13 and IR signal indication LEDs
  • Software library provides functions for IR decoding, angle / impact detection, DC motor and stepper motor control
  • Manual includes detailed information for library use and interfacing 5V devices

If you don't need the dual "H" bridge then you can put the motor driver into sleep mode and reuse D5, D6, D7 and D8 which have both male and female headers for easy interfacing.

The only pins not accessable are A0-A2 wich are dedicated to the accelerometer and D4 which is dedicated to the IR receiver.

The Micro Magician also has a special TTL serial header for connection to the Dagu Bluetooth Module or any other similar device.


Dagu Bluetooth Module - Fits 2.54mm headers




Micro magician V2 manual

Arduino Libraries

Drivers for Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OSX


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