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Mega Pro Mini Cable - 8" (8-wire)

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Supplier: [SparkFun MPN:10853]

Handy 8-pin JST-SH connector with 8" wires for use with the Mega Pro Mini.


This is a wire assembly terminated with the same 8-pin JST-SH connector which is on the Mega Pro Mini. Pick up a few of these to break out all of those pesky pins. Integrating these connectors into your projects makes it possible to quickly swap out a Mega Pro Mini between two or more different enclosures. One end is terminated with a JST-SH connector and the other end is tinned bare wire leads.

Note: It takes 10 of these cables to break out every pin on the Mega Pro Mini, so make sure that you order enough for your application.

Note: The colour of these wires may change from batch to batch so be sure to check your pinouts!

Dimensions: 8" length


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