Solarbotics RW2i Wheel (internal set screw)

The RW2i rubber wheel features an internal set screw ideal for designs with space constraints. The 1.1-inch diameter wheel by Solarbotics is made for 3 mm diameter output shafts . These wheels are sold individually , NOT in pairs.

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Solarbotics RW2i wheel featuring an internal set screw (1)

The Solarbotics RW2i rubber robot wheel has a black, anodized aluminium hub with a generously thick rubber tyre for maximum traction (great for minisumo robots or fast line-following robots that need traction when rounding corners). This wheel features an internal set screw hidden underneath the tyre. This saves valuable space when designing robots for competitions with size constraints. For a similar product with an external set screw, see the Solarbotics R2W wheel.

This rubber robot wheel has a diameter of 1.1 inches (28 mm) and is 0.5 inches (12.7 mm) wide. The aluminium hub is drilled for an 3 mm axle. Secure the wheel to your motor shaft with the included 4-40 hex set screw (requires a 0.050-inch hex wrench). The wheel assembly weighs 12.2 grams.

This high-traction wheel works with our 3 mm shaft gearmotors such as our micro metal gearmotors and the GM12a, GM13a, GM14a, and GM18mini metal gearmotors.

Included Parts

  • One hub
  • One tyre
  • One set screw

A 0.05″ hex wrench (not included) is required for mounting the wheel. The wheels are sold individually, NOT in pairs.

October 7, 2011 Update: The hub of this wheel has changed colour, from shiny, machined aluminium to black, anodized aluminium, and the tyre has changed slightly as well. The product pictures show the new version of this wheel.



Size: 1.1" diameter; 0.5" wide
Weight: 12 g

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