Plastic wheels 66mm with tyres for plastic gearboxes (Pair)

This pair of plastic wheels with 66mm diameter have rubber treads with grip and foam inserts for smooth running. The wheels are designed to fit our plastic gearboxes to form a low cost robot drive. Sold as a pair.


Not currently available

Our Code: MEC-30189

The hubs are HDPP (High density polypropylene) and the tyres are real rubber for good grip. The tyres have foam inserts to provide support and keep the tyres round for smooth running.

These are the same wheels used on some of our kits like the 2wd and 4wd Magician Chassis.

These wheels are designed to be a press fit to the shafts of our plastic gearboxes and our plastic gearbox brackets.

128:1 Plastic Gearmotor with 90 output - wheel mounted


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