Serial & I2C Enabled Devantech 20 x 4 character LCD display with backlight LCD05

Supporting both serial and I2C interfaces this 20 x 4 character LCD display is an easy way to add a display device to a robot. Using a 5v this LCD display includes software control of a backlight and custom characters.

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The LCD03 is a 20 x 4 character display that is easy to hook up to any microcontroller thanks to its support for both serial and I2C interfaces requiring only 2 data pins on the controller, plus power & ground.

Control of the backlight can be done through software via the I2C or serial interface.  A 100 byte FIFO buffer is included to speed up writing to the display to avoid blocking the controller and there is support for formatting custom characters that can be stored in memory and written to screen.

A 3x4 keypad can also be connected directly to the LCD display which will scan the keypad and provide data for reading via the I2C or serial interface.




Display Matrix 20 x 4 Characters
Custom characters Up to 8 custom characters
Voltage 5v
Current 135mA (backlight on)
Operating Temperature 0-50 celcius
Storage Temperature -20 to 70 celcius
Interface I2C or Serial at 9600 baud
Keypad support Scans keypad and reports via I2C or Serial



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