USB Mini-B Connector Breakout Board

This simple board breaks out all five pins of a USB Mini-B connector to a 0.1″ pin spacing that is compatible with standard perfboards, solderless breadboards, and 0.1" connectors.

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USB Mini-B connector breakout board, bottom view with dimensions

This board breaks out the VBUS, GND, D-, D+ and ID pins of a USB Mini-B connector. The VBUS and GND pins can be used to power your project from USB, while the D- and D+ pins give you access to the USB’s differential data signal. Each of these pins, along with the ID pin, are broken out into a 1×5 row of 0.1"-spaced pins on the board. The included 1×5 straight male header can be soldered to these pins to allow the board to be used with perfboards, solderless breadboards, and 0.1" connectors.

This tiny unit measures only 0.52" × 0.85" (0.55" × 0.85" including its USB mini-B connector) and has four 0.086" diameter mounting holes for #2 or M2 screws.

Close-up of Mini-B connector on the USB Mini-B connector breakout board

USB Mini-B connector breakout board, top view

We also carry a USB Micro-B connector breakout board, and we have two power muxes that double as USB Micro-B breakout boards: the FPF1320 carrier and the TPS2113A carrier. These latter two power multiplexers make it easy to have a device that can be powered from both USB and an external supply.



Size: 0.55″ × 0.85″ × 0.23″1
Weight: 1.5 g2


Without included optional headers. This measurement includes the USB Micro-B connector, which extends 0.05″ past the edge of the PCB.
Without included optional headers.

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