DC Barrel Jack to 2-Pin Terminal Block Adapter

This connector adapts a 5.5 × 2.1 mm DC barrel jack to a pair of screw terminals spaced approximately 5 mm (0.2″) apart. The terminals are labelled positive and negative, with the positive terminal connected to the centre pin.

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Most sources refer to this style of connector as “female”, but since it has a centre pin, some will refer to it as “male”. Please look at the product photos carefully to make sure this is the connector you are looking for. This connector is compatible with our DC barrel plug to 2-pin terminal block adaptor and our wall power adapters that are terminated with 5.5 × 2.1 mm barrel plugs.

DC barrel jack to 2-pin terminal block adapter (1)

DC barrel jack to 2-pin terminal block adapter (2) (2)

Note: The positive and negative markings on the terminal block side correspond to a centre-positive barrel jack (the side labelled “+” connects to the centre pin of the barrel jack and the side labelled “-” connects to the outer portion); you can flip the connections to make a centre-negative jack.

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