Solarbotics GMW (GM2/3/8/9 Gear Motor Mount - ONE mount)

Sturdy plastic wheels for the GM2, GM3, GM8, and GM9 gear motors that can also be used as mounts for other wheels and mechanisms via four mounting holes. The image shows each side of the wheel and the included screw and washer (NOT sold in pairs).

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These hard plastic wheels are specially designed for the Solarbotics GM2, GM3, GM8, and GM9 gear motor output shafts. They are usable as wheels, or you can use the four convenient mounting holes to attach larger wheels, legs, and other mechanisms to your gear motor.

The wheels are 30 mm in diameter, 7 mm wide, and the double-flat slot fits onto the Solarbotics GM2, GM3, GM8, and GM9 gear motor shafts snuggly.

Wheels are sold individually, and come with a screw and washer to secure it.


File downloads

Solarbotics GMW dimensioned drawings (104k pdf)

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