Solarbotics GMPW-B black wheel with encoder stripes and silicone tyres

Designed to fit Solarbotics GM2, GM3, GM8, GM9 gearmotors these solid BLACK plastic 69mm diameter wheels have molded on silicone tyres and have 32-stripe (64 segments) encoder pattern molded in to one side. Combined with the GM series gearmotors these wheels form a great low cost drive train for a small robot.

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These wheels are sold individually. This is the BLACK wheel.

These GMPW wheels are made to fit the Solarbotics gearmotors GM2, GM3, GM8 and GM9. They are made from ABS plastic and have a silicone tyre molded on so it won't fall of like similar wheels with elastic band tyres. The silicone tyres have great traction and low wear.

A 32 stripe (64 segment) wheel encoder pattern is molded into one side of the wheel. The wheels have a diameter of 69mm and are 7.62mm wide.

32 stripes on the encoder


We also stock sticky tyres to give your robot extra traction:


Diameter 69mm
Width 7.62mm
Tire Silicone rubber molded on
Encoder 32 stripe, 64 segment - molded in.
Color Black


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