Bluetooth 4.0 Modem by Dagu

Dagu Bluetooth 4.0 Class 2 module is a low price Bluetooth modem that supports TTL serial communications. Operating at 3.3V this modem is ideal for use with the Micro Magician robot controller as it plugs straight in using the attached 0.1" header. Use this to control your robot over Bluetooth from a smartphone or computer.


Not currently available

Our Code: COM-40032

The new Bluetooth modem from Dagu supporting Bluetooth V4.0 BLE and an AT command set. The board has four connections all broken out to an attached 0.1" male header. TX, RX, GND, VCC (3.3V). This allows the module to be connected directly to the Micro Magician robot controller or to a breadboard. It can also be connected to any other 3.3V microcontroller or to a 5V system using voltage dividers a level shifter.



AT Commands

Example Programs for ios

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