Scooter/Skate Wheel 100×24mm - Black

This black scooter or skate wheel has a 100mm diameter, 24mm width and makes a great wheel for small to medium robots. It is made of tough polyurethane so it is long lasting, provides great grip and very low rolling resistance.

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Profile of scooter/skate wheel 100x24mm – black

Both sides of the scooter/skate wheel 100x24mm – black


These 100mm x 24mm wheels are actual in line skate wheels and are designed to be take a beating at a skate park or on the side walk. Made from a tough polyurethane they provide great resistance to wear but also still provide good grip.

The profile of the wheel and its relative hardness enable it to provide very low rolling resistance and because the contact point is quite small the wheel can turn in place wheel. Get more go out of the motors and batteries of your robot with these wheels.

To fit these wheels to motors you can use our scooter wheel adaptors for 6mm motor shafts and for 4mm motor shafts. Free running wheels can be fitted by using 608 bearings available from skate shops.

The picture below shows an example of the 70 mm scooter/skate wheel mounted to a 25D gearmotor using a 4 mm scooter wheel adaptor:


These wheels are also available in a few different sizes:




Outer diameter: 100 mm
Weight: 130 g

General specifications

Colour: black

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