Robot Controllers

Robot Controllers

Robot controllers are specialized microcontroller boards that include features that let you build robots fast. The things you have to add with a general purpose microcontroller board are built in and ready to use saving you a lot of time and money.

  • Motor drivers for connecting two brushed dc motors. No separate board or shield needed.
  • Voltage regulators for supplying power to servos and sensors
  • On board LCD for displaying information.
  • Hardware buttons enabling input.
  • Headers arranged with 3pins (power, ground, signal) for quick connection of hobby servos or sensors.

Dagu Micro Magician Robot Controller V2 - Arduino Compatible

Code: MCU-60103

The Dagu Micro Magician V2 is the perfect controller for small robots. At just 30mm x 60mm this board tiny but has lots of features like an inbuilt 3 axis accelerometer, dual FET "H" bridge with current limiting, motor stall detection and electronic braking, headers for servo's, IR receiver and s...

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Dagu S4A EDU (Mini Driver MkII) ATmega 328- Arduino Compatible

Code: MCU-60156

The Dagu S4A EDU aka Mini Driver MkII with ATmega 328 is the perfect low cost controller for small robots. At just 30mm x 60mm this board is tiny but has lots of features like dual FET motor drivers, power switch, servo headers and easy connection via USB for programming. Fully compatible with Ar...

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Pololu Orangutan SV-328 Robot Controller

Code: MCU-60013

The Pololu Orangutan SV-328 is a full featured robot controller powered by an Atmel ATmega328P AVR microcontroller. With built in motor drivers, buttons, LED's, buzzer and removable LCD display this controller get's your robot built quickly.

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Pololu Orangutan SVP-1284 Robot Controller

Code: MCU-60033

The Orangutan SVP-1284 robot controller is a super-sized version of the popular Orangutan SV, with a built-in AVR ISP programmer, more I/O lines, and more regulated power, and more memory. Based on the new ATmega1284 AVR microcontroller (128 KB flash, 16 KB RAM, 4 KB EEPROM) and featuring higher-...

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Dagu Spider Robot Controller (Arduino Mega 2560 Compatible)

Code: MCU-60062

The Red Back Spider controller from Dagu Electronics is an Arduino Mega compatible robot controller designed specifically for robots that use a large number of servos such as Humanoids, Hexapods and Serpents. All IO pins are laid out with power and ground for easy connection to servos or sensors.

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Dagu TRex Robot Controller - Arduino Compatible

Code: MCU-60146

The Dagu TRex robot controller is a powerful feature rich Arduino compatible controller. Using the ATmega328P common on Arduino boards the TRex adds huge 9A continuous motor drivers, 3-axis accelerometer, 5V regulator for your use and easy headers for connecting servos and sensors.

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Pololu Baby Orangutan B-328 Robot Controller

Code: MCU-60012

The Baby Orangutan B-328 is a very compact and complete robot controller with a high-performance ATmega328P AVR microcontroller and two motor drive channels in the same 24-pin form factor as competing units that include just a microcontroller. Plus it's Arduino compatable!

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SparkFun RedBot Mainboard

Code: SKU-001283

The SparkFun RedBot Mainboard is a robotic development platform that works with the Arduino IDE. The RedBot is a motor driver and Ardiuno combination with various headers and connections, eliminating the need to stack multiple shields.

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