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Starting with a kit is a great way to build your first robot. Using the bits and instructions provided you can assemble a robot and learn how it works.

For the more experienced robot builder a kit can form the basis of a more advanced robot by adding more sensors like infrared distance sensors, ultrasonic range finders or even a compass.

JetBot Chassis Kit V2

Code: SKU-007270

The JetBot Chassis Kit V2 is the official chassis used on the SparkFun JetBot AI Kit but can be used for many different robotics platforms. The chassis plates are made from 3.5mm thick ABS plastic milled with plenty of mounting points for sensors, servos, controllers, power and more.

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Pixhawk Radio Telemetry Kit

Code: SKU-005171

The Radio Telemetry Kit for Pixhawk is a small, lightweight, and inexpensive open source radio platform that can allow for ranges of better than 300m out of the box with the ability to be extended to several kilometers with the use of a patch antenna on the ground.

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Robotics Merit Badge Kit

Code: SKU-006399

Heads up! These kits are built to order and may experience extended lead times. If you are buying these as a troop and have a specific deadline, please reach out to our customer support team.

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