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SparkFun Inventor's Kit for RedBot

Code: SKU-001788

The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for RedBot is a great way to get started with two motor robotics and sensor integration using the Arduino programming language.

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:MOVE Mini Buggy Kit

Code: SKU-004717

The :MOVE Mini Buggy Kit from Kitronik provides a fun introduction to robotics using the micro:bit. Specifically, the :MOVE Mini is a two wheeled robot that is suitable for autonomous operation, remote control projects via a Bluetooth application, or being controlled using a second micro:bit as a...

$ 69.95

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3-Channel Wide FOV Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor for TI-RSLK MAX Using OPT3101

Code: SKU-006398

This board is a 3-channel time-of-flight proximity and distance sensor module based on the OPT3101 IC from Texas Instruments. It emits infrared light in one of three selectable directions with its six integrated LEDs and measures distance by measuring the time delay of the reflected signal.

$ 42.95

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Actobotics Kit - Channel Slider Kit

Code: SKU-002030

With this Channel Slider kit from Actobotics you will be able to put your videos in motion. This slider has an overall length of 24” with a usable 19” of slide travel.

$ 268.95

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Deluxe RC Snap Circuits Rover

Code: SKU-002729

The Deluxe RC Snap Circuits Rover is a mobile, radio-controlled Snap Circuits platform. Build the 63 included projects (including a rover that shoots a disc at the push of a button!) and create many of your own circuits with the ample circuit-building space on top of this four-wheeled chassis.

$ 265.95

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Elenco 21-880 Line-Tracking Mouse

Code: SKU-002365

The line-tracking mouse is an excellent, low-cost robot for someone who has previous soldering experience and would like to get started with robots. This kit features two independent gearboxes, two printed circuit boards, a plywood base, and a clear, mouse-shaped body.

$ 71.95

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Elenco 21-881 Sound Reversing Car

Code: SKU-002366

This kit is a low-cost implementation of the common introductory robot that backs up and turns when it hears a sound or hits an obstacle.

$ 41.95

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IBM TJBot, a Watson Maker Kit

Code: SKU-003962

Have some fun coding your very own AI robot with TJBot, a do-it-yourself template to learn, experiment, and explore AI with IBM Watson.

$ 246.95

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Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit

Code: SKU-004645

The Johnny-Five Inventor’s Kit (J5IK) is your go-to source for developing projects using the Tessel 2 and the Johnny-Five programming framework. With the J5IK you will be able to build JavaScript-powered hardware by marrying common software language with powerful hardware.

$ 234.95

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MSP432 LaunchPad Assembled with Headers for TI-RSLK MAX

Code: SKU-006391

This item is a stock Texas Instruments MSP432 LaunchPad that we unpackaged and to which we manually soldered the two connectors needed for use with the TI-RSLK MAX robot kit. Please note that a similarly configured LaunchPad is included in the full TI-RSLK MAX kit as sold by Texas Instruments.

$ 120.95

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