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IBM TJBot, a Watson Maker Kit

Code: SKU-003962

Have some fun coding your very own AI robot with TJBot, a do-it-yourself template to learn, experiment, and explore AI with IBM Watson.

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Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit

Code: SKU-004645

The Johnny-Five Inventor’s Kit (J5IK) is your go-to source for developing projects using the Tessel 2 and the Johnny-Five programming framework. With the J5IK you will be able to build JavaScript-powered hardware by marrying common software language with powerful hardware.

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MSP432 LaunchPad Assembled with Headers for TI-RSLK MAX

Code: SKU-006391

This item is a stock Texas Instruments MSP432 LaunchPad that we unpackaged and to which we manually soldered the two connectors needed for use with the TI-RSLK MAX robot kit. Please note that a similarly configured LaunchPad is included in the full TI-RSLK MAX kit as sold by Texas Instruments.

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Parallax Boe-Bot Robot Kit - USB (with USB A to Mini-B cable) #28832

Code: SKU-004331

The Boe-Bot Robot Kit is an educational kit complete with parts and a textbook for building and programming your own Boe-Bot robot. No previous robotics, electronics, or programming experience is required. Please contact us to arrange for a special order if you would like to order large quantities.

$ 409.95

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Parallax Scribbler 2 Robot

Code: SKU-002697

The Scribbler 2 Robot (S2) is a fully assembled robot pre-programmed with eight demo modes including line-following and light-seeking. Custom programs for the S2 can be built using the graphics-based S2 GUI or text-based Propeller Tool code editor, both of which are available to download for free.

$ 333.95

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Parallax SumoBot Robot Competition Kit - Serial (with USB Adapter and Cable) #27402

Code: SKU-002693

If you think one robot is interesting, wait until you see two of them battling for control, Sumo-style.

$ 682.95

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Pololu Chassis Kit for TI-RSLK MAX

Code: SKU-005643

This is Pololu’s portion of Texas Instruments Robotics System Learning Kit (TI-RSLK) MAX , a simple to use solderless robotics kit that provides hands-on learning opportunities for first year engineers. A TI MSP432P401R LaunchPad (not included) is required to complete the robot.

$ 255.95

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RC Snap Circuits Rover

Code: SKU-002727

The RC Snap Circuits Rover is a mobile, radio-controlled Snap Circuits platform. Build the 23 included projects and create many of your own circuits with the ample circuit-building space on top of this four-wheeled chassis.

$ 235.95

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Right Bumper Switch Assembly for Romi/TI-RSLK MAX (Through-Hole Pins Soldered)

Code: SKU-005639

This bump sensor module is designed specifically for use with Romi or TI-RSLK MAX robots based on the TI-RSLK Chassis Board v1.0, and it is included as part of the Pololu Chassis Kit for TI-RSLK MAX .

$ 10.95

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Robotics Shield Kit for Arduino - Parallax

Code: SKU-001022

Make your Arduino the onboard brain of a mobile robot and learn robotics, electronics, and programming with this versatile kit and its accompanying step-by-step lessons. The Board of Education Shield plugs into your own Arduino (not included) and mounts on the popular Boe-Bot robot chassis.

$ 277.95

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