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SparkFun Ardumoto Shield Kit

Code: SKU-004002

Robots are fun, and Arduinos are easy. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were a kit that included everything you need to get your Arduino device set up to control a simple two-motor-circuit mate? The SparkFun Ardumoto Shield Kit is perfect for any robot enthusiast and includes an Ardumoto Shield, a...


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XYZrobot Bolide Y-01 Advanced Humanoid Robot DIY Kit

Code: SKU-003388

Build your own advanced humanoid robot with the Bolide Y-01 DIY kit from XYZrobot. Its 18 smart servos allow it to perform a wide range of complex movements, including dancing, walking, and the ability to get up off the ground, and it is preprogrammed to perform such movements in response to com...


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