Potentiometers & Knobs

Potentiometers & Knobs

Resistors are simple passive electronic components that restrict the flow of current and give off heat as a result. The resistance is a fixed value denoted in a unit called Ohms.

Found in almost all circuits the resistor is very useful for limiting current to devices like LED lights or for protecting a microcontroller's input/output pins from too much current.

Adjustable resistors called potentiometers allow the amount of resistance to be varied between zero and the upper limit specified. Smaller potentiometers typically use carbon or fine wire internally to vary the resistance and are used to provide a measureable resistance as an input to a circuit. Too much current through a small potentiometer will damage it.

Black Metal Finish Knurled Knob for Potentiometers - 14x24mm, 0.25" Shaft

Code: MCU-60217

Quality black metal finish knob to suit 0.25" shaft on potentiometers or rotary switches. 14mm high, 24mm diameter. Press fits to potentiometer shaft for a stylish finish to a project.

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Clear Plastic Knob

Code: SKU-000731

This clear plastic knob is ideal for use with illuminated rotary encoders. Designed to be a press fit on 6mm shafts the knob has a diameter of 15mm and a grippy finish.

$ 1.15

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Rotary Potentiometer - 100k Ohm, Logarithmic (Panel Mount)

Code: SKU-004623

An adjustable potentiometer can open up many interesting user interfaces. With this rotary potentiometer just turn the dial and the resistance changes. This potentiometer from Bourns has a ¼" metal knurled shaft diameter, PC pin terminals, no detents, and has a 100K logarithmic taper.

$ 2.90

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Rotary Potentiometer - 10k Ohm, Linear

Code: MCU-60216

Rotary potentiometer rated at linear 10k Ohm. Metal  build with 15000 life cycle,  300 degree range,  0.08W power this is ideal as an analog input.

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Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm)

Code: SKU-000374

Linear potentiometer with 10k Ohm rating. The potentiometer will vary the resistance between zero and 10kOhm as the spindle is turned. This can be used to provide an analog input to a circuit for micro-controller.

$ 1.75

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Trimpot 10K with Knob and Screwdriver Slot

Code: MCU-60214

This 10k Ohm Trimpot (Trimmable Potentiometer) has a knob for fingers and a screwdriver slot. It works well in breadboards where it can be read as an analog input to control circuits.

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Black Knob - 15x19mm

Code: SKU-000544

Knobs are a great way to finish off your project and make it easier to adjust the level of your death ray. This knob mates to a 0.25" shaft with a set screw. Dimensions: 15mm high 19mm diameter

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Digital Potentiometer - 10K

Code: SKU-000736

Potentiometers are incredibly useful, whether you’re controlling the volume on your stereo or the ‘mood lighting’ in your room. The problem with traditional potentiometers is the fact that your microcontroller doesn’t have an easy way to interface with them.

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GTE Knob - Small

Code: SKU-001204

Do you need that extra push over the cliff? The Small sized GTE (Goes To Eleven) Knob can fit onto potentiometers with a 6mm wide shaft thanks to a brass insert with a set screw. We know that most of you are playing at ten, but with the GTE Knob you can go… one louder. Note: It goes to eleven.

$ 1.10

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Motorized Potentiometer Knob

Code: SKU-004843

This is a simple knob that connects to the motorized slide potentiometer. Each knob uses friction to secure itself to fit onto the slide pot. Once attached, this small knob provides you with an easier to use potentiometer for your project! Documents: Dimensional Drawing

$ 4.75

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