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Compass and Magnetic Sensors

Earths magnetic field can also be read by sensors to provide a bearing or direction. More advanced compass sensors include some additional circuitry to compensate for any tilting of the compass from the horizontal plain as occurs in vehicles moving on the ground or across the sky.

Devantech CMPS11 - Tilt Compensated Compass Module

Code: SEN-10066

The CMPS11 module is a tilt compensated compass. Employing a 3-axis magnetometer and a 3-axis accelerometer and a powerful 16-bit processor, the CMPS11 has been designed to remove the errors caused by tilting of the PCB. Powered from 3.6-5V @35mA the compass outputs the bearing reading via serial...


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LSM303D 3D Compass and Accelerometer Carrier with Voltage Regulator

Code: SKU-003055

The LSM303D combines a digital 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer into a single package that is ideal for making a tilt-compensated compass.


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Hall Effect Sensor - US1881

Code: SKU-000378

This integrated hall effect latched sensor (US1881) can be used to sense the presence of a magnet nearby which will cause the output pin to toggle. More compact and robust than a reed switch.


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LIS3MDL 3-Axis Magnetometer Carrier with Voltage Regulator

Code: SKU-003390

This module is a carrier/breakout board for the ST. LIS3MDL three-axis magnetometer. The sensor provides magnetic field strength measurements with a configurable range of ±4 gauss to ±16 gauss that can be read through a digital I²C or SPI interface.


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Magnetic Door Switch Set

Code: SKU-002102

This is the Magnetic Door Switch Set, a small reed switch assembly specifically designed to alert you when doors, drawers, or any other aperture opens. These types of switches are primarily used in home security systems.


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MLX90393 Magnetometer Breakout

Code: SKU-003927

The MLX90393 is a tri-axial magnetic sensor capable of sensing very small fields (like the Earth’s magnetic field) while behaving as one would want and expect during saturation in larger fields (like a near by magnet).


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SparkFun HMC6343 Breakout

Code: SKU-001903

The HMC6343 is a fully integrated high end electronic compass module that can compute and give you a heading direction that’s accurate within a couple degrees. It is tilt compensated and is calibrated to handle magnetic distortions. This breakout board allows for easy use of the HMC6343.


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SparkFun Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout - HMC5883L

Code: SKU-000712

This is a breakout board for Honeywell’s HMC5883L, a 3-axis digital compass. Communication with the HMC5883L is simple and all done through an I2C interface. There is no on-board regulator, so a regulated voltage of 2.16-3.6VDC should be supplied.


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SparkFun Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout - MAG3110

Code: SKU-001799

Freescale’s MAG3110 is a small, low-power, digital 3-axis magnetometer. The device can be used in conjunction with a 3-axis accelerometer to produce orientation independent accurate compass heading information. It features a standard I2C serial interface output and smart embedded functions.


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