SMD Surface Mount Integrated Circuits

16 Channel Multiplexer

Code: SKU-000037

Texas Instruments CD74HC4067 16-Channel multiplexer. What can you do with it? How about taking an analogue to digital reading from 16 devices with only 1 ADC channel and 4 control pins. That’s right, 16 for the price of 5! 24-Pin SSOP package. Works great with our 28-Pin SSOP to DIP adapters.

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2.4GHz Transceiver IC - nRF24L01+

Code: SKU-000102

Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+. Transceiver chip operating in the 2.4GHz band. Take all the coolness of the nRF2401A and add some extra pipelines, buffers, and an auto-retransmit feature - very nice! The improved ‘+’ version of the nRF24L01 includes more features and better range! Features: Drop ...

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3-Axis Gyro/Accelerometer IC - MPU-6050

Code: SKU-000839

The MPU-6050 is a serious little piece of motion processing tech! By combining a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) capable of processing complex 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms, the MPU-6050 does away ...

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3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer - MMA8452Q

Code: SKU-000844

The MMA8452Q is a smart low-power, three-axis, capacitive MEMS accelerometer with 12 bits of resolution. This accelerometer is packed with embedded functions with flexible user programmable options, configurable to two interrupt pins.

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ALS-PT19 Light Sensor

Code: SKU-001733

This tiny little guy is the ALS-PT19, an SMD ambient light sensor that is much smaller than the standard TEMT6000. The ALS-PT19 is capable of taking a voltage supply range of 2.5V to 5.5V and also functions as an NPN transistor.

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Ambient Light Sensor - TEMT6000

Code: SKU-000172

This is a small ambient light sensor that acts as an NPN transistor. The more the sensor is exposed to light, the stronger the base bias. Simple to use! Simple breakout board available below. Documents: Datasheet

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Balun Ember Transformer (Strip of 5)

Code: SKU-004557

This is a simple strip of five signal-conditioning Balun Ember Transformers from Wurth Elektronik that allows you to convert an unbalanced signal in a transmission line to a balanced one, or vice versa.

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Barometric Pressure Sensor - MPL115A1

Code: SKU-000468

The MPL115A1 is a digital barometer that uses MEMs technology to give accurate pressure measurements between 50kPa and 115kPa. We stock the SPI interface version of the sensor. Average current consumption is 10µA at one measurement per second.

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Capacitor 4.7uF - SMD (Strip of 10)

Code: SKU-005302

This is 10 pack of tiny 4.7µF SMD decoupling capacitors. Each of these capacitors offers a DC voltage rating of 16V and a capacitance tolerance of -20% to +80%. Additionally, these capacitors are 1206 sized, are non-polar, and feature an operation temperature rating of −30°C to +85°C.

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Dual Axis Gyro - IDG1215

Code: SKU-000314

The IDG-1215 is an integrated dual-axis angular rate sensor (gyroscope). It uses InvenSense’s proprietary and patented MEMS technology with vertically driven, vibrating masses to make a functionally complete, low-cost, dual-axis angular rate sensor.

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