Devantech TPA81 8x1 Thermopile Array Infrared Sensor

The Devantech TPA81 thermopile array is an infrared sensor that can measure 8 adjacent pixels simultaneously in the 2um-22um spectrum enabling it to detect infrared radiation from people, flames or other sources. Can be used to track people!


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Combining 8 pixels to form a thermopile array the Devantech TPA81 is able to simultaneously read 8 adjacent  temperature readings in the 2um-22um range corresponding to infrared given off by low temperature sources like people, coffee mugs or flames. It can detect candle flames or human body at a distance of 2 meters and reports data in celcius via the I2C interface. The sensor is not affected by ambient light. The sensor also outputs a reading for the ambient temperature in addition to the 8 infrared readings.

Another great feature of the TPA81 is that it can drive a hobby servo autonomously to pan the sensor around to build up a thermal image.

Here is the test program showing an image built up of a candle at 2 meters.

The test program is available from the manufacturer. See the resources page for more info.


An example of the Devantech Thermopile TPA81 being used to track human skin. The sensor is attached to the end of the pan/tilt arm. The red laser is not part of this sensor.

 More info on BullyBot is here.


Current5mA, excluding optional servo
Temperature range4°C - 100°C
Accuracy+/-2°C +/-2% from 10°C to 100°C
 +/-3°C from 4°C to 10°C
 Field of View 41° x 6° (8 pixels of approximately 5° x 6°)
 OutputsI2C interface. 1 ambient reading, 8 pixel temperatures 
 Servo control32 steps over 180° rotation 
Dimensions31mm x 8mm