2 Channel Relay Module with USB Interface (USB-RLY02-SN)

2 Channel Relay Module is controlled and powered by a standard USB connection. It features high quality relays rated at up to 16Amp @24vdc or 250vac and screw terminals for N/O, N/C & common relay connections for easy installation.

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The USB-RLY02 provides two volt free contact relay outputs with a current rating of up to 16Amp each. The USB-RLY02 is powered and instructed from any standard USB bus and does not require any additional power. The relays are SPCO (Single Pole Change Over) types. The normally open, normally closed and common pins are all available on the screw terminals.

This revised version of the USB-RLY02 board includes snubbers and a USB Mini-B connector.

Integrated snubbers have be added to the module between the common and normally open poles. When inductive loads are to be used the snubbers suppress the switching spikes and relay arc associated with such loads.
We have a simple guide here

A case is also available for this relay module:



  • Power - Powered from standard USB bus
  • Control interface - USB
  • Relay current - Up to 16Amp @24vdc or 250vac
  • Connections - Screw Terminals for N/O N/C and Common contacts.
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +70C
  • Dimensions: 71.12 x 50.8mm

LED indication

The USB-RLY02-SN provides a red LED mounted immediately next to each relay to indicate whether it is in a powered state (LED on). 


Full USB-RLY02-SN Documentation

Linux GCC
 - A command line tool that will set the relay states according to input from the user
Linux with Mono and Xbuild (C#) - Simple example of switching the relays

Xcode - Simple example of switching the relays

Microsoft Windows
Visual C# Express - Simple example of switching the relays
Visual Basic Express - Simple example of switching the relays

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