JR Connector Pack, Female

This pack contains everything you need to add up to three female JR connectors — the connectors commonly found on generic RC servos — to custom cables. You can use a crimping tool to attach the included pins to your own 22–26 AWG wires.

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This JR connector has a 0.1" pin spacing and is commonly used on RC servos. Two corners are slightly beveled, which makes it difficult (but not impossible) to incorrectly plug the connector into the corresponding male JR connector. This connector is also compatible with male Futaba J connectors. This pack contains three housings and twelve gold-flashed crimp pins, which is enough for three complete female connectors and three spare pins. The crimp pins are designed for 22–26 AWG wires, and we sell a crimping tool that works well with them. You can use these connectors to make your own custom servo cables, servo extension cables, battery pack cables for plugging into an RC receiver, etc.

We also sell Futaba J connectors, which are very similar but have an additional polarizing tab/slot, and we carry an variety of premade servo extension and splitter cables.

Note: these connectors are commonly referred to as “male” in the RC hobby industry, so please look carefully at the pictures of female JR connectors below to make sure they are what you want.

Female JR connector (often referred to as “male” in the RC hobby industy)

Female “JR”-style connector commonly found on servo cables (often referred to as “male” in the RC hobby industry)


General specifications

Gender: female
Wire gauge: 22-26 AWG
Connector: JR

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