0.100" (2.54 mm) Extended Male Header: 1×2-Pin, 22.85 mm

This custom connector is a single-row, 2-pin, extended (22.85 mm) male header strip that is useful for making extra-long connectors or connectors with room for additional electrical contacts. We include this connector with our 3pi expansion kits for connecting the expansion PCB to the 3pi robot .

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This connector is a single-row, 2-pin, extended male header strip. The extra-long pins have a length of 22.85 mm, which is 11.2 mm longer than typical 0.1" straight male header pins. The standard 0.1" spacing allows use with solderless breadboards, perforated prototyping PCBs, and female headers.

This connector was specifically designed for routing electrical connections from the 3pi robot base to an expansion board. It is provided as part of the 3pi expansion kits, including the PCB-less hardware-only kit.

Dimension diagram of 0.100" (2.54 mm) male header: 1×2-pin, extended.

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