Resistor Network - 330 Ohm (6-pin bussed)

Handy little SIL package contains 5 individual 33 Ohm resistors with a common terminal on the 6th pin. Useful in breadboarding when you need to have a bunch of resistors but without the mess.

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If you ever find yourself connecting handfuls of resistors to the ground bus of your breadboard, you may consider these SIL-packaged resistors as a time-saving alternative. This Singe In-Line component is actually 5 individual 330 Ohm resistors that share a common terminal on pin 6 (denoted with a black dot).

These work great as current limiting resistors for rows of LEDs and two of these can replace 10 individual wire-lead resistors when hooking up our 10 LED bargraph displays. They also work well as pull-down resistors for DIP switches.

Note: These may come in yellow or black. They are the same product, just a different colour, each equally pleasant.


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