SparkFun RS232 Shifter SMD (no DB9 connector)

Convert RS232 to TTL and back using this super tiny board. TX and RX are both converted allowing a microcontroller to talk to a computer or other RS232 devices via serial conversion.

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Super tiny and super easy. This little RS232 to TTL converter is a simple little adaptor board that converts RS232 to TTL . This enables a microcontroller to communicate with a computer or other RS232 device.

RS232 devices use much higher voltages than microcontrollers so can't be connected together directly. This little converter will handle the voltage change and other signal differences so you can use send and receive serial data from a microcontroller to RS232 devices.

With power from the target TTL device and the board will work to that voltage. So power at 5V and it will work with a 5V microcontroller. Power it at 2.8V and it will work with 2.8V CMOS TTL.

With two blinky indicator LEDs for TX and RX this board will support baud rates from 300bps to 115200bps.

There is no DB9 connector attached to this board so you can wire directly to it.

Dimensions: 1.2x1.1"


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