PIR Passive Infrared Motion Sensor 5-12 Volt

This Passive Infrared PIR Motion sensor monitors changes in ambient infrared light to detect motion. Ideal as an alarm sensor to monitor rooms where the sensor will detect movement of people into the room.

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The PIR sensor is really easy to use. When powered the sensor will continually monitor the infrared light in a room. If there is a change it will send its sensor alarm pin low. Since people are a different temperature to the surrounds the sensor will see the changes if someone enters a room.

The sensor works well from 5-12V and you can even put a jumper over the on board regulator to get it working down to 3.3V. Because this sensor is not lighting the environment with infrared LEDs it only uses 1.6mA of power.

Multiple sensors can be connected together on the same circuit so that any sensor can trigger an alarm. The alarm pin is 'open drain' meaning you need a pull up resistor across it.

The sensor has a JST connector, or you can cut it off and solder directly.

Note the pins are not what you may assume::

  • Red: Power
  • White: Ground
  • Black: Alarm



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