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2 Channel Intelligent Relay Controller (SCR02)

Code: MCU-60091

The SCR02 Intelligent Relay Controller can automatically control up to two relays based on inputs from supported ultrasonic range finders or from any sensor with an analog output such as temperature or infrared sensors. Configuration is easy via the free utility, allowing the controller to open a...


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Dagu Infrared Compound Eye

Code: SEN-10034

Designed to fit LMR's universal sensor bracket, this sensor works by shinning IR light onto an object and then tracking the reflected IR. This sensor does not work in bright daylight as sunlight has a lot of IR and blinds the sensor.The IR LEDs can be controlled by a digital output so that ambian...


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Pan and Tilt Kit with Mini Servos

Code: MEC-30087

This Dagu pan/tilt kit, designed by the members of "" has mounting holes to suit almost any range sensor and includes 2 miniature servos plus all the nuts and bolts required for assembly.


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