3 Pin JST PH connector and cable for Sharp sensors - 20cm

The 3 pin JST connector is a perfect match for our Sharp IR sensors with its 20cm (19") colour coded wires.

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The 3 pin connector of the Sharp IR sensors ( GP2Y0A02YK0FGP2Y0A21YK0FGP2D120XJ00F) is this JST connector, not the expected 0.1" / 2.54mm IDC type.

Note: this cable does not fit the GP2Y0D805Z0F (5cm) or GP2Y0D810Z0F (10cm)  Sharp sensors which do have standard 0.1" pin spacing.

A 20cm cable is provided to hook up a Sharp sensor to your project. Each 26-awg wire is colour coded to match the pins of the Sharp sensor with red for power, black for ground and yellow for output / signal. The JST connector itself clips securely into the base of the sensor.

We highly recommend getting this cable to save time hooking up the Sharp sensor into your project.