Pololu Romi

Pololu Romi

The Romi chassis is a differential-drive mobile robot platform with a diameter of 6.5″ (165 mm) and an integrated battery holder for six AA batteries (not included). The drive wheels are located on a diameter of the circular base plate, allowing for turns or spinning in place. A large, fixed ball caster in the rear provides a smooth third point of contact, and a second ball caster (not included) can optionally be added to the front. The chassis uses 70×8mm Pololu wheels and Mini Plastic Gearmotors with extended backshafts to enable quadrature encoders for position feedback.

Romi Chassis Motor Clip Pair - Yellow

Code: SKU-003745

This item is a pair of motor-holding clips for the Romi chassis in yellow . These clips snap into the main Romi base plate, and then the motors snap into the clips. It is included as part of the yellow Romi Chassis Kit .


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