Soldering Tools and Equipment

Brass Sponge

Code: SKU-000286

This is a brass sponge that will help clean your soldering iron tip. Use it to remove residue from your iron tip before soldering. It cleans better than conventional sponges and will not damage your iron tip. Made of low abrasive brass shavings and requires no water.

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Insulated Silicone Soldering Mat

Code: SKU-004650

Keeping your workspace clean and well kept has always been a paramount concern for keeping all your possessions well maintained and pristine.

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Solder Leaded - 15-gram Tube

Code: SKU-000339

This is your basic tube of leaded solder with a 63/37 water soluble resin core. 0.031" gauge and 15 grams (around 5ft). Easy to solder with - recommended for beginners. Mix: 63% Sn / 37% Pb

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Solder Tip Tinner and Cleaner

Code: SKU-002101

Tip tinner is a good thing to have in your arsenal of soldering supplies. Composed of a mild acid, it helps remove baked on residue (for when you melt your desk top) and helps prevent oxidation (the nasty black stuff) that accumulates on your soldering tip when not in use.

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Solder Wick #2 5ft. - Generic

Code: SKU-000383

Solder wick, coffee, and paper towels keep SparkFun running. You can steal someone’s diagonal cutters for a minute, but you’d better ask before touching their solder wick.[ Solder wick]( is a composed of copper threads braided together.

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Soldering Iron Stand

Code: SKU-000430

This is a simple soldering iron stand composed of a heavy-duty metal base and a reinforced spring holder. The base and holder are detachable. A circular cleaning sponge, which has a nice home at the bottom of the base, is included.

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Chip Quik No-Clean Flux Pen - 10mL

Code: SKU-004586

Do you need help soldering a difficult project, reworking a botched pin or just making your life easier? This 10mL no-clean flux pen from Chip Quik ® is great for all of your solder, desolder, rework and reflow purposes! For those of you unfamiliar, flux is a handy substance that prevents beading...

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Hot-air Rework Nozzles - Y1126

Code: SKU-000125

Hot-air rework nozzles compatible with all of our rework stations. Sold in single units by model number. Documents: Spec Sheet

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Hot-air Rework Replacement Element - Temp Controlled

Code: SKU-000902

Here’s a replacement heating element for our hot-air rework stations. It’s compatible with Sunkko stations and our own branded rework station. The element is the same for other manufacturers and the connector can be modified by a skilled user to work with other manufacturers.

$ 26.95

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Solder - 1/4lb Spool (0.020") Special Blend

Code: SKU-000628

We don’t want to hype this solder TOO much, but this could possibly be the best solder in the world. There, we’ve said it. This is a special blend made specifically for us and we love it.

$ 53.95

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