Dagu ROVER 5 Explorer PCB with 4A motor drivers

Get your Rover 5 moving! The Dagu Rover 5 Explorer PCB for 2wd Rover chassis is the easiest way to get started. Featuring dual FET 'H' bridge motor drivers, encoder support, 3A regulator for servos, 5 & 3.3V LDO regulators for microcontroller and sensors, built in trickle charger, IR sensors and heaps of prototyping space.

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The Explorer PCB from Dagu is the best way to get your Rover 5 2WD chassis moving. With the included hardware it is easy to mount a microcontroller like an Arduino Uno or Mega plus the built in voltage regulators allow powering of servos and 3.3 and 5V systems. The dual motor drivers have a rating of 4A for each motor and the board also includes encoder support. There is a large prototyping space to solder your own stuff to the board.

  • 2x FET “H” bridge motor drivers rated at 4A with current sensing.
  • Servo power supply – 5.4V rated at 3A assuming the use of 7.2V battery.
  • 5V LDO regulator rated up to 1.5A with suitable heatsinking.
  • 3.3V LDO regulator rated at 500mA.
  • Built in trickle charge circuit for NiMh or NiCd batteries.
  • 4x IR analog/digital sensors mounted on the corners.
  • 2x individual power rails (V1, V2) that can be connected to any voltage.
  • Mounting holes for hardware including Arduino and Arduino Mega PCBs.
Note: the built in charger is for NiCd or NiMh batteries only. Do not use with other types such as LiPo or Alkaline!


Lifting up the Explorer PCB we can see how easy it is to wire to the Rover 5 motors and batteries.

What's Included

The board comes with a bunch of stand offs and screws to mount other parts like Arduino micro controllers, breadboards etc.


Dagu Rover 5 Explorer - Included bits


Explorer PCB manual. Note this is for a kit and displays the use of servos and breadboards not included with this board.