XBee Module 1mW Series 1 with Trace Antenna

The 2.4GHz XBee series 1 module from Digi (was Maxstream) enables wireless serial communication between microcontrollers or any other serial device. It supports point-point or multi-point star networking and a range up to 100m. This version has a PCB trace antenna.

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Supplier Link: [SparkFun MPN:WRL-11215]


XBee series 1 modules are a great option when you want to wirelessly network microcontrollers together where they enable serial communications up to 250kbps over 100m . Using the the Zigbee 802.15.4 stack these XBee modules provide a simple serial command set for control of the transceiver.

Networking can be done between two devices (point to point) or between one device and many (point to multipoint or star).

These can be used to connect a computer to a number of Arduino devices in the field at the same time or to get two microcontrollers talking wirelessly.

This is a series one XBee device. It will work with the other Series one XBee radios we sell and you can mix and match the Pro and standard versions on the same network.

Check out this XBee Buying Guide for some guidance on the differences of XBee modules.


  • 3.3V @ 50mA
  • 250kbps Max data rate
  • 1mW output (+0dBm)
  • 300ft (100m) range
  • Fully FCC certified
  • 6 10-bit ADC input pins
  • 8 digital IO pins
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Local or over-air configuration
  • AT or API command set
  • Trace Antenna