Arduino Starter Kit Flex with Uno R3 by Sparkfun Electronics

*** Replaced by the Arduino RedBoard Starter Kit *** The Arduino Starter Kit Flex with Uno R3 is a fantastic way to get into microcontrollers and electronics. It contains all the bits required to start playing with Arduinos. The kit makes a great gift - even if just for yourself. Based on the Arduino Uno USB Board this kit contains sensor, buzzors and prototyping gear to get started now.

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The kit contains all the gear required to have projects running in no time. No need to be daunted trying to figure out what bits are needed which is really hard when you are a beginner - they're all in the little red box...

Arduino Starter Kit in a little red box

 If you prefer a guided approach to learning then Sparkfun Electronics are producing a tutorial series to get the fun started with this kit.  Limor from Adafruit Industries also has an excellent tutorial for the Duemilanove in general. Of coarse you can still use the huge amount of resources available on the Arduino site and your imagination to chart your own course.

So What's Inside!

Arduino Uno - the latest Arduino USB board, fully assembled and tested. May be a SMD Atmel chip - see below

6' USB A to B cable - USB provides power for up to 500mA (enough for most projects) and is ample length to connect to your desktop or laptop USB port.

Miniature breadboard - Excellent for making circuits and connections off the Arduino. Breadboard may come in various colors.

Male to Male jumper wires - These are high quality wires that allow you to connect the female headers on the Arduino to the components and breadboard.

Flex Sensor - Originally designed for the Nintendo Power Glove, now you too can measure flex!

SoftPot - Measure position along the softpot by looking at the change in resistance. It's like a touch sensitive volume slider.

Photocell - A sensor to detect ambient light. Perfect for detecting when a drawer is opened or when night-time approaches.

Thermistor - A sensor for detecting ambient temperature and temperature changes.

Tri-Color LED - Because everyone loves a blinky. Use this LED to PWM mix any color you need.

Basic LEDs - Light emitting diodes make great general indicators.

Linear trim pot - Also known as a variable resistor, this is a device commonly used to control volume, contrast, and makes a great general user control input.

Buzzer - Make wonderful, brain splitting noises, alarms, and possibly music!

12mm button - Because big buttons are easier to hit.

330 Ohm Resistors - 5 current limiting resistors for LEDs, and strong pull-up resistors.

10k Ohm Resistors - These make excellent pull-ups, pull-downs, and current limiters.

Note: Because Atmel is moving more and more of their production capacity to surface mount ICs, the DIP packaged ATmega328 is becoming more and more difficult to get. To keep up with demand, SparkFun now use the Arduino Uno with an SMD ATmega328 in kits sometimes. The board is identical to the PTH version of the Uno, but you won't be able to remove the ATmega328 without some hot-air. This change shouldn't affect most users. You will get an SMD OR PTH Uno depending on what SparkFun put in the kit. As the supply issues go away, they will have more control over this.